Artist Statement

I create art because I think in pictures and I love the process of creating.  Boom! Here is something that didn’t exist in the world yesterday. I can think of nothing more satisfying. I also love a good problem that needs solving and creating art involves solving one problem after another.

In looking back, throughout my life I was always involved in creating. However, I ended up with degrees in biology and computer science. I should have known something was up when I found myself the last person in biology lab absorbed in drawing the plant cells that I found to be so beautiful.

I began my art journey as a photographer but became frustrated with the limitations of film and so began drawing. Painting soon followed. My inspiration comes from the world around me, from what moves me. I find I am drawn to bright colors and both visual and conceptual contrast.  

My most recent paintings range from imaginative bright landscapes to more realistic renderings of nature

I hope my work makes you think or wonder or laugh out loud.